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Visa training benchmarks

Single source for 457 and 186 Visa Training Benchmarks A and B.

TAFE NSW is your One stop shop for all your Training Benchmark A and B requirements. We are a proud partner of Migration Alliance.

Why choose TAFE NSW?

TAFE NSW is the largest training organisation in Australia with 130 years experience. We are a government funded training provider with a reputation for excellence. We have assisted more than 3,500 satisfied business sponsors.


Benchmark A and B services

Industry scholarship funds

The Department of Home Affairs require that contributions are used to support education or training for Australian citizens or permanent residents in the same or similar industry in which the applicant operates.

TAFE NSW use the funds for training initiatives to improve the skill level of our Australian students. Initiatives include programs for our indigenous and multicultural communities and support for students with a disability.

We provide scholarships for students experiencing financial hardship. Our Scholarship winners have been very grateful for the funds, which have helped them to reach their goals and become valued employees for the ultimate benefit of the nominated industry. Business sponsors can become a TAFE NSW scholarship sponsor.

Maria Perricone

Maria Perricone, 457 VISA Project Manager

I have expert knowledge in Benchmarks A and B services plus our 457 team will assist your business with 457 visa payments. The success of the Scholarship fund program at TAFE NSW can be attributed largely to our successful partnerships with industry, our passionate teaching staff and our 457 Visa team. Our team is committed to supporting Australian businesses to meet their 457 visa requirements in a fast, simple and flexible way.

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