1 March 2016 – EMAIL ABOUT EB SESSION 14 & 15

Dear Colleagues

On 12 and 26 February 2016, the TAFE NSW Bargaining Team met with the unions to further negotiate the Administrative, Support and Related Employees Enterprise Agreement.

We continue to make significant progress in our negotiations. TAFE NSW is committed to reaching agreement and completing these negotiations in a timely manner.

What was discussed?

We discussed:

  • Work Level Standards: TAFE NSW is working with the unions to test these and make sure each level accurately reflects the work requirements. Provisional agreement has been reached in regard to work level standards.
  • Salary Spine: We have been exploring exactly how this will work and defining the different salary points for each level.
  • Employment Conditions: Employment conditions have been discussed with a range of issues canvassed in the negotiations.

What will happen next?

At the next meeting on Thursday 10 March 2016 we will be discussing:

  • Movement to the new structure
  • Salary Spine
  • Conditions of Employment
  • Part-Year Employment.

Want to know more?

To find out more about enterprise agreements please view the Frequently Asked Questions or read this brochure. To provide feedback or ask your own questions please visit the website.


Kerry Penton