15 January 2016 – EMAIL ABOUT EB SESSION 12

Dear Colleagues

On the 13 January 2016, we held a further meeting between the TAFE NSW Bargaining Team and the unions.

The meetings have been positive and we have made a significant amount of progress towards agreeing on several areas of the agreement including allowances and the work level standards. There is further work to be done in these and other areas, however the negotiations have been constructive and all parties are committed to achieving a positive outcome for all TAFE NSW staff.

We have scheduled the following additional meetings to work through the remaining matters with the aim of finalising an agreement.

Upcoming meetings and topics
28 and 29 January 2016

  • Salary Spine
  • Movement to the new structure
  • Part Year employment
  • Conditions of employment

12 February 2016

  • Flexible working hours
  • Duration of the agreement

Further information is available on the TAFE NSW enterprise bargaining website.

Kerry Penton