17 August 2015 – EMAIL ABOUT EB SESSION 5

Dear Colleagues

I am pleased to report that after two and a half months of bargaining TAFE NSW has presented a draft of the Enterprise Agreement for TAFE NSW Administrative, Support and Related Staff. This new version is the result of 18 months consultation with the unions and other bargaining representatives. Most importantly, it demonstrates that TAFE has listened to feedback it has received from our employees and unions.

A better offer for all employees

The Government has agreed to TAFE NSW offering a 2.5% wage increase backdated to July 2015 if an enterprise agreement is voted up within 90 days of the commencement of bargaining. We believe that it is important for you to have the opportunity to vote for this increase before it passes. During the bargaining meeting this week, I indicated to the unions and bargaining representatives that TAFE NSW intends to provide our staff with that opportunity.

Our commitment hasn't changed and all the additional benefits we've outlined previously are still included in the agreement.

Original and current proposal What this means for you

Immediate 2.5% pay increase (backdated to July 2015) per year for two years

  • Immediate 2.5% salary increase plus no change to current conditions

Salary Structure levels and points

  • 10 salary levels, with 5 salary points per level
  • Fixed percentages in between increments which is fairer

Work Level Standards

  • Developed by an external party (Mercer) in consultation with the unions

Implementation of the new structure is not immediate – by business reform and new/vacant positions


  • TAFE NSW will not commence any placement into the new structure until at least 1 January 2016 to ensure smooth transition

How has the offer changed?

Our goal with this round of bargaining has always been to work collaboratively with our employees and the unions to make what we believe is a fair and reasonable offer. That's why we've listened to your feedback and made some changes to our proposal.

ProposalOriginalImproveWhat this means for you

What thisHours of work

37 hours per week

36.25hours per week

  • 7 hours and 15 minutes per day, on average
  • A common set of working hours for all new positions

Flexible working hours agreement

Only day workers

All full-time staff (including shift workers)

  • Everyone will have access to flex (except for the proposed permanent part-year)
  • If a shift worker 'opts-in', they can have days off taken as approved flex
  • Day and shift workers have access to up to 24 days off per annum flex
  • You can gain approval to accrue time towards flex days, in advance
  • Business unit hours will be set at the unit or section level
  • Managers cannot unreasonably refuse employees taking flex days
  • Dispute mechanisms in place to resolve any issues

Opening hours and bandwidth

6am–9pm with
shift loading for shift workers only

Overtime for day workers and shift loading for shift workers after 7pm if directed/rostered

  • TAFE NSW can be open 6am–9pm for customers when they need us, but employees are properly paid for additional work
  • If a day worker is directed to work after 7pm, overtime will be paid, or they can elect to include this time as accrued time (flex)
  • If a shift worker is rostered on a shift finishing after 7pm, shift penalties will be paid for the whole shift
  • TAFE NSW respects a work-life balance, so opening hours can only be changed after staff consultation

Broken shifts


Only if the employee agrees

  • Broken shifts are only designed to work for the business and you
  • We've clarified that broken shifts can only apply to employees by mutual agreement
  • Employees who work a broken shift receive an allowance

Contemporary Classification Structure

3 streams,

Library grades part of 10 level structure,

Librarians Grade 4 and 5 not included

2 streams,

Library stream keeps current salary structure as their own stream,

Librarian Grade 4 & 5 included

The proposed streams are:

  • Learning and Business Support
  • Library

Documents tabled by TAFE NSW

View the document tabled by TAFE NSW at this meeting:

What happens next?

Although we haven't finalised the agreement, it is important that you understand what happens next. TAFE NSW will discuss the Enterprise Agreement with the unions and nominated representative on the 26 & 27 August, after which it is TAFE's intention to go to a ballot to preserve the opportunity for back pay.

Want to know more?

To find out more about enterprise agreements please view the Frequently Asked Questions. To provide feedback, ask your own questions and find all the information you need to own your vote please visit the website.