24 May 2016 – Email about EB session 20

Dear Colleagues

I wanted to update you on how the negotiations at the last enterprise bargaining session progressed.

We're very close to reaching an agreement with the unions now. On Friday 20 May 2016, we achieved in principle agreement for major elements of a new classification structure and common conditions of employment for Administrative, Support and Related Employees.

This new classification structure will:

  • Simplify a confusing and unproductive structure that limits our ability to compete for students
  • Support a modern workplace with a flexible workforce that is responsive to students, industry and employers
  • Restore fairness and consistency to working conditions across TAFE
  • Strengthen TAFE and secure jobs
  • Provide clear transition arrangements for all staff into the new structure.

What will happen next?

There are a small number of outstanding issues remaining. TAFE and the unions have agreed to meet again on Monday 30 May 2016 to discuss these further.

Want to know more?

To find out more about enterprise agreements please view the Frequently Asked Questions or read this brochure. To provide feedback or ask your own questions please visit the website.


Kerry Penton