Answers for Administrative, Support and Related Employees

Agreement approved (Updated 10 August 2016)

When was the agreement approved and how long will it continue?

The Fair Work Commission approved the agreement on 8 August 2016. The agreement will operate until 22 June 2019.

When will I get my 2.5% salary increase?

Now that the agreement is approved, TAFE will ensure the initial 2.5% wage increase is processed and paid on 25 August 2016; this will include the increase applied as at 1 July 2016.

When do I transition to the new classification structure?

All current conditions of employment will remain and no employee will change to the new classification structure until 1 January 2017.

I want to appeal the level at which I am being transferred into the TAFE Worker stream. When can I do this?

The implementation team is working on the process for appeals. They will not be available until after employees are transitioned to the new structure.

What is the purpose of the Contemporary Classification Structure?

The Contemporary Classification Structure (CCS) is designed to achieve the following:

  • Replace the numerous current classifications with a single structure
  • Promote career progression opportunities
  • Be equitable for roles of the same value
  • Support employee mobility
  • Be underpinned by capability based classifications
  • Align employment conditions where practical and affordable.

Following the transition my salary will be 'protected'. How long will I have to wait until I receive a wage increase?

That will depend on where your position has been transitioned to and what rate of pay the new classification level is at.

Am I losing money because of the new Contemporary Classification Structure?

No. Under the CCS, there are only two scenarios that will occur:

  • You transition to a new level that is equal to or greater than your current rate of pay, and so you will be paid at the rate prescribed for that level
  • You transition to a level that is less than your current rate of pay, and so your salary level will be protected (meaning it will remain as is), until such time as the rate of pay for your new level meets or exceeds your rate of pay.

Will my transition to the new Contemporary Classification Structure mean that I will be forced to take a lower salary?

No. TAFE NSW is protecting the salary level of all staff employed under this agreement. In fact, many employees will receive a significant increase. Those that do not, will have their salary level maintained until the rate of pay meets or exceeds their pay scale.

Does this Enterprise Agreement meet the Better Off Overall Test (BOOT)?

Yes, it does. The Fair Work Commission is satisfied that the terms of the agreement are, overall, better off for the employee than the conditions provided for in the relevant Modern Award (the Educational Services (Post-Secondary Education) Award 2010). TAFE NSW demonstrated to the Fair Work Commission that the agreement:

  • contains model terms for consultation and dispute resolution
  • does not have discriminatory terms
  • offers salaries and conditions which are better off overall when compared with the salaries and conditions under the relevant modern award.

Will my leave balances be reduced if I move to a new position with different hours?

For those staff moving from 38 hours to 35 hours all leave balances will be recalculated to make sure that you don't lose any days' worth of leave.