Answers for Teachers and Related Employees

Updated 28 November 2016

What is the process for implementing the Head Teacher Band 3, Assessor and Education Support Officer Classifications? Are there ratios?

The implementation will be in line with the education support and leadership roles in TAFE NSW Procedures. A copy of the Procedures is available here.

Under the Procedures, subject to any special considerations brought to the attention of and accepted by the Joint Management Committee, the ratio of new Assessor and Education Support Officer roles to Teachers will not exceed 1:2 within the faculty or business line for the Institute/Region/Unit.

Do Education Support Officers and Assessors get annual leave and sick leave?

Full time Education Support Officers and Assessors employed as either Permanent Employees or Temporary Employees are entitled to (amongst other things):

  • four weeks' annual leave; and
  • 15 days sick leave per annum.

When does the Agreement commence? When will the salary increases take effect?

The Agreement commences seven days after it is approved by the Fair Work Commission. Once the Agreement commences, the salary increases will take effect from the first full pay period commencing on or after 24 November 2016. 

This means that eligible employees will receive back pay from the first full pay period commencing on or after 24 November 2016 to the date the Agreement commences.

Does the proposed agreement vary employees' entitlement to annual leave?

No. The proposed Agreement does not vary employees' entitlements to annual leave or agreed weeks of non-attendance.

Is annual leave now required to be taken in the first week of each student vacation?

Yes, unless there is another arrangement with the employee's manager. TAFE NSW and the NSW Teachers Federation have agreed to clauses 33.4.3 and 33.4.4 of the proposed Agreement to clarify when employees are required to take annual leave.

Will TAFE NSW continue with the administrative arrangements permitting employees to work five hours of their weekly related duties off site?

Yes. TAFE NSW has agreed with the NSW Teachers Federation that, subject to the successful approval of the proposed agreement, these arrangements will continue.

Does the proposed agreement require full-time employees to attend College five days a week?

No. The 2013 agreement required full-time employees to work four or five days a week. The proposed agreement permits employees to complete their hours in less than five days, e.g. three or four days. This provides employees and TAFE NSW with greater flexibility to deliver education and training.

TAFE NSW and the NSW Teachers Federation agree that employees commonly meet their attendance requirements in less than five days. TAFE NSW intends to continue with these arrangements.

Has the related duties payment for part-time casual teachers changed in the proposed agreement?

No. Clause 37.7 in the proposed agreement is the same as the 2013 agreement.