19 July 2017 - Agreement on a new Enterprise Agreement

Dear Colleagues

I am pleased to advise you that over the last few weeks bargaining has been taking place for the proposed TAFE Commission of NSW TAFE Managers Enterprise Agreement.

All parties have contributed to constructive conversations about your pay and conditions under the TAFE NSW TAFE Managers Enterprise Agreement. Our discussions have focused on:

  • Pay increases
  • Modernising the language of the enterprise agreement
  • Contract and compensation arrangements
  • Training in the application of enterprise agreements and employment policies.

As a result, TAFE NSW has proposed two pay increases of 2.5%, to be paid from 1 January 2018, and 1 January 2019. TAFE NSW has sought to maintain all other entitlements in the proposed Enterprise Agreement.

You will note the proposed Enterprise Agreement has some drafting changes, modernising the language of some of the provisions, and simplifying and clarifying clauses that deal with TAFE NSW policy, such as performance development, conduct, etc.

Tomorrow, you will receive an email with a copy of the proposed agreement and a guide to the agreement. I encourage you to take the time out from your busy day to understand the proposed agreement and consider voting ‘Yes’ in the ballot.

TAFE NSW, the Australian Education Union NSW Teachers Federation, Community and Public Sector Union Public Service Association and self-nominated employee bargaining representatives have been bargaining towards a new Enterprise Agreement. It is planned for this to go out to ballot from 28 July 2017 to 31 July 2017.

Additionally, while not part of the Enterprise Agreement, but influenced by the negotiation process, TAFE NSW has reconsidered its policy regarding the recruitment of TAFE Manager positions. In the future, TAFE NSW will consider appointments to TAFE Manager positions on both a temporary basis (under specified term contracts) and also on an ongoing basis.

Securing a constructive result in a timely manner will allow us to move forward with the many exciting One TAFE initiatives aimed at ensuring a successful, competitive and sustainable TAFE NSW.

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