1 February 2016 – Progress of Enterprise Bargaining

Dear Colleagues

Coming into 2016 and with staff returning to work after the break I wish to provide an update about Enterprise Bargaining for the Teachers and Related Employees Enterprise Agreement. 

Enterprise Bargaining continues

TAFE NSW is currently negotiating with unions and self-nominated bargaining representatives to determine wages and conditions for teachers and related employees. Getting this right is absolutely crucial if we are to secure TAFE's future and jobs.

In a competitive training marketplace, we are facing the impact of competition from low-cost providers and demands from students and business for better services. The key to maintaining TAFE's market share and jobs for our people is our great brand, backed by dedicated staff and quality training.

TAFE is committed to working with staff to create a modern workplace, with a workforce that is flexible and responsive to our customers and upholds our reputation for quality. That's the way to win more work in the training marketplace and serve the communities who depend on us. Being flexible is important to attract and retain students who have the option to choose TAFE NSW as a quality provider, over other providers.

In negotiations, TAFE NSW has presented information on a proposal to meet these challenges. We are dealing with complex issues and we owe it to you to get it right.

It may take some time, but TAFE is committed to continuing to bargain in good faith to try to reach agreement with the unions and bargaining representatives. When these negotiations have been completed, you will be asked to vote on a new enterprise agreement. In the meantime, the existing enterprise agreement remains in force covering wages and conditions.

What will happen next?

On 8 February 2016, we will be meeting with the union and self-nominated employee representatives to progress negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement and a pay rise for teachers and related employees. At this meeting, we will be focusing on a number of areas of common interest, submitted by the union, self-nominated representatives and TAFE NSW. I will be writing to you again after this meeting to let you know the progress of the negotiations.

If you have any questions please visit tafensw.edu.au/enterprise-bargaining or email EnterpriseBargaining2015@tafensw.edu.au


Kerry Penton