19 April 2016 – NSW needs a strong TAFE

Dear Colleagues 

Earlier today I attended a Teachers and Related Employees Enterprise Bargaining meeting with the AEU NSW Teachers Federation and self-nominated representatives, the 14th meeting that has been held since the agreement expired last July.

After considerable discussion with employee representatives, it is likely you will shortly be asked to vote on a proposal which aims to strengthen TAFE and help secure jobs.

In the linked video message, I explain why I am urging you to vote 'Yes' when the time comes.

There is also a document which may answer your questions about the benefits of the current proposal, what is proposed to change and what won't change – click here to view.

If you have specific questions, I urge you to attend forums organised in your Institute, go to the website or email EnterpriseBargaining2015@tafensw.edu.au


Jon Black