A joint update from TAFE NSW and the AEU NSW Teachers Federation

Dear Colleagues,

On 21 July 2015 bargaining representatives from TAFE NSW and the AEU NSW Teachers Federation met to commence negotiations for the proposed TAFE NSW Teachers and Related Employees Enterprise Agreement 2015.

What was discussed?

TAFE NSW and AEU NSW Teachers Federation acknowledged the current government policy context for negotiations.

Over the last two years the parties have been working together closely under the auspices of their Joint Management Committee in relation to the trialling of new staff roles. This cooperative approach has resulted in an independent evaluation that led to the continuation of the trial until 31 December 2015.

TAFE NSW and AEU NSW Teachers Federation expressed support for this cooperative approach to be carried through to the 2015 round of enterprise bargaining.

A number of bargaining matters were identified and addressed, including quantum of salary increases, duration of the proposed agreement, employment conditions and the current trial of staffing roles. The discussions turned largely on scoping and then clarifying matters, with more detailed negotiations anticipated in later rounds.

A schedule of meetings was arranged, extending into early September.

What will happen next?

Negotiations will continue at the next bargaining session which is scheduled for 5 August 2015.

Want to know more?

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Any questions in relation to this email can be directed to TAFE NSW or AEU NSW Teachers Federation representatives.

Kerry Penton