8 July 2016 – Enterprise Bargaining Update

Dear Team,

On 4 July 2016, I announced plans to support our organisation working together as one TAFE NSW. This strategy is essential given that we are now separated from the Department of Education and responds directly to the discussions I have had with Teachers from all over TAFE NSW.

I've found it extremely valuable to hear your ideas, suggestions and concerns about the issues we face together and I want to thank you for being so candid with me. Your feedback will continue to inform the one TAFE NSW strategy as we move forward.

Enterprise bargaining update

On 2 June 2016, I met with the AEU/NSW Teacher Federation to discuss the next steps to continue bargaining.

Also in June, the TAFE NSW bargaining team met with the nominated bargaining representatives to discuss the next round of negotiations for the Teachers and Related Employees Enterprise Agreement.

Getting this Enterprise Agreement right is a crucial step in ensuring TAFE NSW is in a position to grow and secure more jobs.

TAFE needs to:

  • Ensure quality teaching and the student is at the centre of everything we do
  • Provide students with year-round flexible, accessible service and remove barriers impeding improved productivity
  • Be cost-competitive with other training organisations in an open market.

I wish to advise that Kerry Penton who is currently the Lead Negotiator will be returning to Riverina Institute in the coming weeks. I look forward to working directly with the parties during the next round of negotiations, and I will be supported by the People and Safety team for the negotiations.

What will happen next?

I want to keep negotiations moving, so the next bargaining meeting with the union and nominated representatives will be held on 15 July 2016.


Jon Black