26 May 2016 – Email about EB update 5

Dear Colleagues

I am pleased to report that TAFE NSW met on Monday with the AEU NSW Teachers Federation and at that meeting presented a new draft of the TAFE Commission of NSW Teachers in TAFE Children's Centres Enterprise Agreement 2016.

After listening to the concerns of our Teachers in TAFE Children's Centres, we have improved our proposal for the new Enterprise Agreement. The Early Childhood Directors and Teachers in Charge Allowance will increase by 2.5% in line with the salary increase for supervision of 1 to 6 employees and 7 employees or more.

The rest of the original offer remains the same.

ProposalWhat this means for you

2.5% pay increase

  • A pay rise of 2.5% to wages each year for 2 years

Start date and duration of the agreement

  • Commencing on approval
  • Continuing for 2 years

Early Childhood Director and Teacher in Charge Allowance

  • There will be an increase of 2.5% to this allowance, incorporating a new 2 tier structure:
    • Supervision of 1 to 6 employees
    • Supervision of 7 or more employees

Notification of roster changes

  • Employees need to be given 7 days' notice for changes to roster arrangements

Casual loading rate

  • A new casual loading rate of 23.3% will replace the current loadings
  • The proposed casual loading rate includes a payment for all leave entitlements, except for long service leave

Casual workers paid for the hours that are worked

  • Casual employees will be paid for the hours that are worked
  • The current agreement provisions for a 'day rate' will be removed
  • This means that a casual employee working more than 6 hours and up to 7.6 hours will not be paid an automatic 7.6 hours as a 'day rate'

When will a ballot be held?

Once we have received feedback from the union, and hopefully reached agreement, TAFE NSW will conduct a ballot. You will then receive an email from the Managing Director that explains the voting process and contains links to all the information you will need to inform your vote.

Want to know more?

To find out more about enterprise agreements please view the Frequently Asked Questions. To provide feedback, ask your own questions and find all the information you need please visit the website.


Kerry Penton