Benefits of change

Our modernisation program will nurture a more productive environment in which our teachers, and the people who support them, can do what TAFE NSW does best: Produce skilled, job-ready graduates who keep the wheels of industry turning and the economy firing.

Importantly, positive change will enable us to unlock and reinvest significant savings. In turn, this will help us deliver a more cost-competitive product, making TAFE NSW courses accessible to more students in both metropolitan and regional areas.

Further benefits of a more efficient, commercial and modernised TAFE NSW will include:

  • Better reach and convenience through a network of training resources including Specialist Centres, modern campuses, Flexible Learning Centres, and workplaces supported by sophisticated technology and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Contemporary student support services and user-friendly enrolment and management systems that support our people.
  • Refreshed, high-quality courses that connect industry and employers with job-ready graduates.
  • Increased enrolments and revenue that can be reinvested into continual improvements