Strategic Plan 2016

PDF Version of the full Strategic Plan

TAFE NSW proudly stands at the centre of the State's vocational education and training (VET) sector. We have an established reputation as a trusted provider with reach across the State and strong connections with our communities. We play a pivotal role in strengthening the skills base of the NSW economy and contribute to achieving the NSW Premier's Priorities and the NSW State Priorities by:

  • creating jobs
  • building infrastructure
  • boosting apprenticeships
  • delivering strong budgets
  • protecting the vulnerable

TAFE NSW needs to be agile in a rapidly evolving environment. This environment is characterised by changing skills requirements, increasing competition from other education and training providers, advances in digital learning technologies and a stronger focus on higher level skills. The scale and pace of change is set to continue and requires TAFE NSW to strategically reposition in this dynamic market. We must modernise and revitalise our organisation to ensure we are relevant, competitive and able to meet the skills demand for NSW into the future. As a government-owned education business, we are accountable for public finances, and our efforts must be purposeful, transparent and deliver real economic growth and social value for NSW. In our role as a public provider of VET in NSW, we have an obligation to the NSW Government and the people of NSW to provide inclusive and accessible services. We are passionate about delivering on our commitment to address skills gaps and combat unemployment to produce better outcomes for learners, businesses and communities.

The potential of our business is fundamentally strong. We have a well-recognised brand and extensive coverage that spans NSW. Our experienced people provide a unique opportunity to enhance our competitiveness and expand our capacity to support more students, and ultimately strengthen the economic position and social fabric of NSW. Through our modernisation plan, TAFE NSW will increase its standing as the skills provider of choice. We will be sought out by prospective learners and businesses for our industry and future focused training. We will use the latest learning technologies available through flexible and convenient delivery methods. By introducing a One TAFE approach, the modernisation plan will profoundly change the way we operate. This strategic plan will identify the initiatives required to ensure that we are positioned for success as a competitive business leading the market in skills provision for future jobs and industries.


One TAFE NSW: learning for jobs and brighter futures

We are the leading skills provider in the State: delivering relevant, high-quality, practical and creative training to grow the NSW economy through one TAFE NSW

We will achieve this by leveraging our scale, investing in our people, facilities and technology platforms, and by being forward-thinking in the way we deliver our training and design course offerings. We will be more flexible and responsive to the needs of our learners, businesses and our communities. Our modernisation and our growth will actively build the skills and knowledge needed to strengthen the NSW economy, and expand our customer base state-wide, nationally and internationally.


Skill the workforce of the future

As the leading public provider of VET in NSW, we have a crucial role in skilling today's and tomorrow's workforce. By aligning our products with current and future jobs, we can better meet our customer needs, help our economy grow and support our communities to thrive. To fulfil this purpose in a rapidly changing environment, we must ensure that we are efficient and able to compete on equal terms with other providers.

Our shared values

Our values promote positive behaviours and create a results-driven culture. They guide how we serve our customers, how we work together and how we make decisions

Customer First

We place customers at the centre of our decision making. We exist to create stand-out learner experinces and to provide our customers with personalised and quality services that allow them to achieve their goals.


We act professionally with honesty and transparency. We act with purpose, we are accountable for our actions and can be trusted to deliver in times of change. We treat people fairly and with respect.


We are inclusive and work together as a team towards a shared vision and to leverage opportunities for mutual benefit. We partner with industry to deliver the best outcomes.


We strive to be the best and we are passionate about what we do. We are always looking to be creative and innovative. We have a global outlook and seek out opportunities to display entrepreneurialism.

Our commitment to customers

Whether a learner or a business, our customers can expect TAFE NSW to support them in achieving their goals by:

  • clearly communicating the services we offer and how they can be accessed
  • providing a broad range of relevant, high quality and flexible services to suit customer needs
  • prioritising the consistent provision of friendly, courteous and culturally appropriate services
  • making it easy for the customer to deal with us at every stage in their interaction with us
  • articulating what the customer can expect from us and ensuring that we will deliver what we promise
  • listening and actively responding to customer feedback in a timely manner
  • providing an enjoyable learning environment free of harassment and discrimination
  • ensuring a safe and healthy environment for learning in line with the principle of zero harm
  • providing resources to support a customer throughout their experience with us
  • engaging industry to provide our customers with the latest knowledge and workforce skills
  • welcoming our learners back to TAFE NSW and connect with them throughout their lifelong learning journey to enhance their career prospects.

Key milestone

By January 2019, TAFE NSW:

  • is a versatile and standardised publically-owned commercial business, at arm's length from Government, maximising the advantages of scale, sharing, reach and expertise and moving towards corporatisation
  • is a single TAFE NSW brand with a reputation for quality, responsiveness, creativity, future focus and value
  • has the student at the centre of everything with education delivered where, how and when learners want
  • has a responsive single point of contact for industry and is able to rapidly design and deliver training to meet industry's needs
  • is an efficient and competitive business, underpinned by integrated enterprise-wide business systems, with cloud-based ICT, accessing a single data warehouse with quality data at the centre
  • has regionally focused and dedicated industry specific TAFE NSW SkillsPoints responsible for the creation and maintenance of learning products with an emphasis on innovation
  • has consistent and in-demand courses delivered to meet and exceed customer expectations
  • is the employer of choice for leaders, teachers and administrators who have strong shared values and are passionate about making a difference
  • is a significant contributor to rural and regional NSW by building social and economic capital, including the establishment of a new single digital business sharing standardised products across all delivery points
  • has an expanding and well-coordinated competitive presence overseas.

Strategic goals

Four strategic goals drive the modernisation of our business:

  • Goal 1 - Skill the State's workforce of the future as the provider of choice
  • Goal 2 - Be a contemporary, commercial and sustainable business
  • Goal 3 - Serve our local communities
  • Goal 4 - Develop a customer-driven, proud and productive TAFE NSW team

Goal 1 - Skill the State's workforce of the future as the provider of choice

We will provide the skills needed to grow the NSW economy. We will support learners in training that leads to jobs by being at the forefront of developing courses geared towards priority and emerging industries. We will be the provider of choice by proactively growing our business and by offering modern, convenient and flexible training with an emphasis on distinctive practical learning.

The NSW Government has provided a vision for TAFE NSW to train the workforce of the future and views us as the backbone of the VET system. We have a stronger brand and a broader reach than any other VET provider operating in NSW. We offer vocational programs that skill learners for the future jobs and industries, while also providing pathways to applied higher education degree programs. In doing so, we help grow the economy to realise stronger budgets by supporting the NSW Government in creating jobs for the people of NSW and boosting apprenticeships. Leveraging these strengths, we will align ourselves with the needs of a modern economy, using creative learning methods and offering customised services that equip learners with the skills to succeed in the jobs of today and tomorrow.

We will actively pursue increased enrolments in a sustainable way to reflect the growth trajectory of the NSW economy. This will be achieved by gaining greater return on existing business, identifying strategic opportunities for new business and seeking repeat business. A unified TAFE NSW brand, and the creation of business systems to nurture customer relationships and unleash our competitive market potential, are essential to increasing the capacity of our business.

Our priority initiatives

1.1 Strengthen the skills base of NSW by increasing training that leads to jobs, including upskilling and reskilling to improve career prospects

1.2 Offer in-demand products and services that are customised to learner needs and accessible anytime, anywhere

1.3 Establish industry focused TAFE NSW SkillsPoints to provide a single point of contact with an identified industry sector, standardise multiple delivery options and product development, and proactively engage with industry to ensure courses are designed to meet contemporary requirements and are valued by employers

1.4 Deliver a One TAFE Education and Training Strategy that supports competitive growth and aligns to the requirements of industry and job opportunities, and meets the needs of regional and rural communities

1.5 Enhance our presence within NSW, nationally and internationally through a unified TAFE NSW brand and coordinated and consistent marketing efforts

1.6 Place learning, career planning and job outcomes at the centre of the TAFE NSW student experience

1.7 Capitalise on our alumni network to engage learners in lifelong learning, secure repeat business and gain marketing insights

What will success look like?

  • Improved job and further education outcomes for TAFE NSW graduates including apprentices
  • Working with employers and Group Training Organisations to increase the proportion of students completing apprenticeships and traineeships to 65% by 2019 in line with the NSW Government 'Boosting Apprenticeships' priority
  • Increased enrolments with a particular focus on qualifications aligned to industry priority areas and higher level skills
  • Improved standing as a leader in innovation and VET delivery with established industry links and partnerships

Improved customer satisfaction with our products and services, from both our graduates and businesses

Strengths to build upon "Reputation for quality training and education that students and employers can trust."
Source: TAFE NSW Organisational Health Survey, March-April 2016

Goal 2 - Be a contemporary, commercial and sustainable business

We will be a modern and innovative VET provider. We will have a new business operating structure supported by increased digital capability, state-of-the-art learning technologies and flexible delivery models. We will compete with other VET providers and sustainably grow our business by being commercially astute.

Our legacy structures and supporting infrastructure are holding us back from achieving our potential in an increasingly competitive environment. We will revitalise the structure of the network of Institutes to create viable scale and increase efficiency by strengthening business systems, reducing administrative duplication and maximising regional growth.

We will manage our property portfolio to reduce costs, introduce latest fit-for-purpose technology and support efficient allocation of teaching and training resources. We will seek out innovative ways to extend our reach and course delivery without compromising on quality. Our approach also delivers on our commitment to support the NSW Government in building infrastructure to meet the needs of communities across the State in an efficient way.

Our priority initiatives

2.1 Establish a One TAFE organisational structure with robust corporate administration and governance practices and standardised processes

2.2 Restructure our business to operate competitively as three regional and two metropolitan business units and one digital business, led and coordinated by a decentralised lean corporate office

2.3 Establish real-time and integrated whole- of-business systems, to improve student- centred services and transparency and accuracy of business data and financial reporting

2.4 Rationalise and re-purpose property through a Strategic Asset Management Plan, and reinvest in fit-for-purpose and state-of- the-art facilities

2.5 Modernise delivery by investing in flexible learning centres to ensure access and reach of services

2.6 Optimise our course delivery costs and maximise use of teaching resources through collaboration and development of a consistent approach across TAFE NSW

2.7 Establish TAFE NSW Digital to provide a single platform for online delivery, and develop consistent blended products for standardised delivery across the State by business units

2.8 Increase revenue through national and international commercial activities

What will success look like?

  • Improved operational efficiencies realised through a One TAFE model that supports collaboration, flexibility and standardisation to reduce duplication and improve quality
  • Introduced modern and fit for purpose facilities with improved utilisation and enhanced delivery points
  • Improved competitiveness in business operations reflected in increased revenue from commercial activities

"TAFE NSW is a great asset but we need to modernise and be future focused." - Faculty Director
Source: TAFE NSW Organisational Health Survey, March-April 2016

Goal 3 - Serve our local communities

We will build on our role as the public provider of skills training. We will embrace the diverse needs of our customers and deliver on our commitments to the communities we serve.

As the leading government-owned VET provider in NSW, we have a legislated obligation to serve our diverse communities and protect the vulnerable in accordance with the NSW Government's priorities. In particular, we must service thin markets and be a significant provider of accessible training for people in regional NSW and those experiencing disadvantage. We are well equipped to do this because of our geographic footprint across the State, our connection with communities and our expertise in providing inclusive services.

Our priority initiatives

3.1 Expand access to services across regional and remote areas

3.2 Optimise delivery models and work with industry to service thin markets and areas of market failure

3.3 Customise programs to prepare Aboriginal learners for further training and employment

3.4 Enhance pathway programs for school leavers and youth at risk

3.5 Provide inclusive and accessible services to culturally and linguistically diverse learners and those experiencing disadvantage (including the unemployed and those with a disability)

3.6 Establish a more effective model to allocate, monitor and report impact of Community Service Obligation funding

What will success look like?

  • Increased delivery to learners living in regional and remote areas, those with a disability, unemployed and from diverse backgrounds
  • Improved job and further education outcomes for Aboriginal TAFE NSW graduates

Improved transparency and accountability for the use of Community Service Obligation funding

"TAFE is an amazing, valuable place; we change people's lives and bring incredible value to the Australian community; we are essential to the economic and social development of this nation…" - Operational Manager
Source: TAFE NSW Organisational Health Survey, March-April 2016

Goal 4. Develop a customer-driven, proud and productive TAFE NSW team

We will establish our workforce as the foundational building block for the TAFE NSW of the future, and we will all be accountable for student outcomes.

Our workforce is the key enabler to our modernisation. Consequently we must also modernise our workforce through more appropriate work classifications and workforce mix. This is critical to deliver the best possible educational and training outcomes for learners and employers. We will create a values driven organisation whereCustomer First, Collaboration, Integrity and Excellence drive our decision making and actions. To foster this modernisation we will expand our leadership capability to drive innovation, high performance and change.

Our priority initiatives

4.1 Improve organisational health through a performance based and service-orientated culture including investment in leadership development at all levels. TAFE NSW will target five priority themes to improve organisational health:

  • Communicate a clear direction for TAFE NSW
  • Stronger financial management
  • Develop more challenging and inspiring leaders
  • Reward and recognise staff
  • Increase innovation implementation

4.2 Develop and release a One TAFE People Strategy to align to our commercial objectives and desire for a highly professional, digitally capable and competitive in-house workforce operating as a smart business. A people strategy that includes an industrial relations strategy to ensure new industrial agreements reflect contemporary work practices and improve our productivity

4.3 Realign and standardise staffing structures to the new business and operating model 4.4 Create a One TAFE culture through opportunities for sharing, collaboration and professional support networks

4.5 Enhance staff capability in realising innovation to improve customer service and develop commercial acumen

4.6 Increase the number of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander staff

4.7 Implement new teaching and learning standards to retain quality education and training as a competitive advantage for TAFE NSW

What will success look like?

  • Highly productive, skilled and agile workforce operating in a performance-based, service oriented culture on flexible arrangements at competitive rates
  • Improved staff engagement and organisational health realised through the One TAFE NSW People Strategy
  • The number of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander staff employed in TAFE NSW is doubled within three years

Strengths to build upon "Our people, our commitment to students, our capacity to deliver innovative solutions for business."
Source: TAFE NSW Organisational Health Survey, March-April 2016