Why change?

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Nothing ever stays the same and at TAFE NSW, it's time for change.

The world has changed dramatically driven by rapid adoption of new technology, changing student needs, new skills needed by employers and tough competition from other providers.

Never before has our rapidly growing VET sector presented such intense competition, nor immense opportunity. Never before has demand been so great for online learning. Never before have we had to meet such a broad spectrum of needs including from new and emerging industries.

These external factors alone make a compelling case for change. However, TAFE NSW also faces a formidable challenge in the shape of internal factors limiting our ability to run a financially viable business. These include an inefficient, outdated operating model and an unsustainable cost base — both significant issues that can only be solved through a more competitive, more commercial approach.

That's where our modernisation program comes in. It's our chance to overcome the obstacles holding us back and change TAFE NSW for the better. It's a big change, but we're up for the challenge.