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Getting clever about completions – a TAFE NSW project

20 September 2011

Getting clever about completions

Improving qualification completions for TAFE NSW students is a critical step towards addressing skill shortages and lifting the skill levels of the broader population.

The Getting Clever About Completions report provides an overview of current thinking and research findings from the 2010 Increasing TAFE NSW qualification completions action research project.

Teams from each TAFE NSW Institute engaged in action research to improve completions in specific qualifications or for specific student cohorts. The report summarises key findings of the Institute research teams.

The teams found that no single factor caused students to drop out but rather a range of factors can result in non-completion. One key finding of the project was the importance of building strong partnerships with employers and local community agencies.

This year TAFE NSW is continuing to investigate completions, with a second round of action research projects focusing specifically on improving completions for apprentices.






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