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Charles Sturt University (CSU) values TAFE NSW qualifications

11 October 2011

Charles Sturt University

TAFE NSW students are in a fantastic position to further their study at university. With Charles Sturt University (CSU), TAFE NSW graduates are eligible for:

  • Guaranteed university entry*
  • TAFE scholarships
  • Credit for relevant study

Guaranteed university entry

CSU offers guaranteed entry into most undergraduate courses for TAFE NSW students who have completed a Diploma or Advanced Diploma, or the Tertiary Preparation Course (TPC) and achieved a Tertiary Entrance Score (TES) of 157 or above.

TAFE scholarships

CSU has developed a TAFE scholarship program called CSU 'TAFE to University' Scholarship program.

Credit for relevant study

CSU is committed to providing as much credit as possible to TAFE NSW students. This means reduced study time required to complete a CSU degree.

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*Certain courses have enrolment limits, and therefore are not included in the guaranteed entry offering.


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