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Elsie has the WOW factor

01 May 2012

Elsie Gordon

TAFE NSW – Western Institute teacher, Elsie Gordon, is a naturally modest woman but there's no denying her many achievements which have led to her nomination as a finalist for the prestigious 2012 NSW Woman of the Year Award.

Born and raised in Brewarrina and currently based in Dubbo, Elsie is a proud Murrawarri woman who balances part-time teaching duties at Western Institute with her many voluntary and community roles. Elsie has received many accolades including the the Women Out West (WOW) Award for outstanding inspirational leadership.

She serves on many committees and boards as an advocate for women's and children's issues including domestic violence prevention and homelessness, particularly among indigenous communities. Elsie wouldn't describe herself as a feminist, but she has certainly been pivotal in helping many women find their voice.

Members of the public are invited to cast their vote for the 2012 NSW Woman of the Year. Dozens of nominations from across the state have been whittled down to six contenders who have made valuable contributions to public life, their communities and to the role of women in general.

Read more about Elsie's amazing achievements and give her your vote. Entries close midnight Monday 14 May 2012.






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