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Uniform excellence

28 May 2012

Jae Gilkinson, April Gosper and Melanie Williams
Image courtesy of The Newcastle Herald.

Next time you’re visiting a Marriott hotel in China, take particular note of the front-of-house staff uniforms. They were designed by TAFE NSW Hunter Institute students.

The BME Group, which supplies uniforms for the global hotel chain, invited submissions from Applied Fashion Design and Technology students at TAFE NSW Hunter Institute. Apart from the theme of migration and reunion and a couple of keywords like "sophisticate'', "welcoming" and "practical", the designs were left completely to the students’ imagination and creativity.

Twenty two students were involved in the project and developed concepts for the new uniforms, which will be worn by front-of-house, wait and kitchen staff. The Marriott was so impressed with the quality of work the students submitted that they selected the designs of not one, but three students.

Jae Gilkinson, April Gosper and Melanie Williams (pictured) are more than just a bit chuffed that their work has been selected by an international hotel chain, and head fashion teacher at Hunter Institute, Rose Brown, says the whole experience has been immensely valuable for all of the students involved. "It’s been an incredible opportunity to undertake a class project with an international client" she said.








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