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Helping where it's needed most

16 July 2012

Helping where it's needed most

Photo courtesy of the Inner West Courier

Reducing global poverty is something a lot of people talk about but four TAFE NSW Sydney Institute students are putting words into actions, disproving the widely touted claims of a cynical media that Gen Y are self-absorbed.

The students have travelled to the Indian city of Bangalore, the state capital of Karnataka and the country's fifth most populous city, to help the region's poor mining communities. Their contributions are part of an organised volunteer program managed by Australian-based non-profit organisation 40K Foundation to improve the numeracy and literacy skills of hundreds of Indian children.

The 40K Foundation spearheads projects specifically aimed at reducing poverty in developing communities around the world. The Foundation's inaugural project was the successful establishment of a school for over 200 underprivileged children, also in the Bangalore region.

Bangalore is well-known as a hub for the country's booming information technology industry and is sometimes referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. But where there's wealth, there's also poverty and many thousands of Bangalore's children endure a grinding, hand-to-mouth existence with little prospects or hope for a better future.

TAFE NSW Sydney Institute is proud of its relationship with the mostly youth-led 40K Foundation. The four Sydney Institute students currently deployed in Bangalore will also be making a documentary of their experiences in a bid to inspire other TAFE NSW students to make the trip across the Indian Ocean and lend a helping hand as well.




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