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From 1 January 2019, TAFE NSW will operate as one Registered Training Organisation (RTO) called ‘TAFE NSW’ with RTO code 90003 and the CRICOS provider number 00591E. This will bring all our locations under one RTO registration number. Our students will continue to be trained by the same staff at the same location, and we’re committed to providing the high quality training and support to our students that we’re known for.

Learning for jobs and brighter futures

One TAFE NSW is an exciting modernisation program that aims for a sustainable and innovative future, to provide higher quality learning and training for our students.

TAFE NSW stands proudly at the centre of the state's vocational education and training sector. We are the leading skills provider in the state, and deliver relevant, high-quality, practical and creative training to grow the NSW economy and skill the workforce of the future.

With a trusted reputation and strong connections to our communities, TAFE NSW is now investing in a sustainable and innovative future through an exciting modernisation program to:

  • expand our reach;
  • provide more accessible and  convenient services where, when and how learners choose;
  • create a student-centred workforce and providing systems that better support our people;
  • work as One TAFE NSW, not separate institutes; and
  • become more efficient and commercial.

The NSW Government's vision is for a modern TAFE NSW that provides high quality, industry-relevant training for the jobs of tomorrow.

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Find out how we are delivering job ready workers, being a successful business, strengthening communities and growing our people.

Read our Strategic Plan.

Building a TAFE NSW for the Future

As part of our modernisation program, TAFE NSW is embarking on a landmark investment program to renew our facilities so students get hands-on skills for jobs and employers get a job-ready workforce in the future. TAFE NSW is investing in our best practice training approaches, broadening our reach and providing training in a mix of different ways so students can get job-ready where, how and when they want.

As One TAFE our investment will focus on:

  • revitalising campuses to create state-of-the-art learning facilities that meet industry standards and demand;
  • upgrading specialist centres in consultation with industry to support advanced training in technology-intensive, technical and trade areas;
  • broadening our reach through new digitally enabled, next generation learning environments called Flexible Learning Centres based in convenient locations across regional and metropolitan NSW. These include Connected Learning Centres, Learning Hubs and Access Points.
  • increasing access to a range of mobile training services including Mobile Education Units; and
  • incorporating advanced digital technology into learning environments e.g. virtual reality and augmented reality, advanced simulations and cloud-based technology.

To fund the investment program, TAFE NSW will recycle, repurpose or sell property that is underused and not fit-for-purpose to invest in the latest, state-of-the-art facilities to support students' learning. TAFE NSW is no longer just about a classroom – we are about bringing hands-on training to students and employers anywhere, anytime and anyhow.

As part of this investment, TAFE NSW has opened several Connected Learning Centres where next generation learning environment for students is available in regional areas to better access skills for jobs.

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Why change?

TAFE NSW is constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve to meet the ever-changing needs of industry, employers and students. Whether that means utilising state-of-the-art technology, employing modern teaching practices or changing our internal structure, you can be sure that when TAFE NSW makes a change, we’re changing for the better.

With our rapidly growing vocational education training (VET) sector presenting both intense competition, and immense opportunity, the demand for online learning ever increasing, and the needs of new and emerging industries constantly growing and evolving - it’s time for TAFE NSW to evolve too.

These external factors alone make a compelling case for change. However, TAFE NSW also faces a formidable challenge in the shape of internal factors limiting our ability to run a financially viable business. These include an inefficient, outdated operating model and an unsustainable cost base — both significant issues that can only be solved through a more competitive, more commercial approach.

That's where our modernisation program comes in. It's our chance to make a change, overcome the obstacles holding us back and take TAFE NSW in the right direction. It's a big change, but we're up for the challenge.

What will change?

As the vocational and educational training market leader, it is imperative that we continue to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Our modernisation program is an opportunity to cast off the shackles of the past, so that we can get on with delivering great student and industry outcomes.

Our focus needs to be on providing the high quality, industry-relevant training that employers need, where, when and how students want. This will help us protect our hard-earned reputation, and set us up for a more commercially sustainable future. To do this, we need to collaborate throughout our business, and adopt a more streamlined 'One TAFE NSW' operating model and mentality. Then, to be competitive in the current marketplace, we must be a commercially astute, high-performing and more productive organisation.

Changing our mindset to that of an efficient, modern and customer-focused business will be critical if we are to transform our organisation, both operationally and culturally.

This transformation won't be easy, but it will be worth it. Modernising TAFE NSW will set us up for success.

Benefits of change

Our modernisation program will nurture a more productive environment in which our teachers, and the people who support them, can continue to do what TAFE NSW does best - producing skilled, job-ready graduates who keep the wheels of industry turning and the economy firing.

Most importantly, positive change will enable us to unlock and reinvest significant savings. In turn, this will help us to deliver a more cost-competitive product, that makes TAFE NSW courses accessible to more students in both metropolitan and regional areas.

Further benefits of a more efficient, commercial and modernised TAFE NSW will include:

  • better reach and convenience through a network of training resources, including Specialist Centres, Flexible Learning Centres, modern campuses, and workplaces supported by sophisticated technology and state-of-the-art facilities;
  • contemporary student support services and user-friendly enrolment and management systems that support our people;
  • refreshed, high-quality courses that connect job-ready graduates with industry and employers; and
  • increased enrolments and revenue that can be reinvested into continual improvements.

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