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Risk and Compliance Training Solutions

Maintain the compliance rating of your business and ensure the safety of your team

Enterprise - Training Solutions - Risk and Compliance

To ensure your business is fully compliant with all Australian and State Government and industry legislation and regulations, TAFE Enterprise offers customised training delivered by industry workplace health and safety expert trainers.

The way TAFE Enterprise partners with industry and employers to develop customised training solutions, means the training your team receives is purpose-fit to how your business operates.

Risk and compliance training

TAFE Enterprise training extends across all compliance areas including:

Legionella Control in Water Cooling Systems

Cooling water systems must be managed safely in order to prevent the growth and transmission of Legionella Bacteria. More information.

Risk assessment

Ensure your employees are fully capable of identifying hazards and assessing risks, are knowledgeable in risk control, are capable assisting with claims management, rehabilitation and return-to-work programs and complying with current Work health and safety (WHS) regulations.

Work, health and safety

Work health and safety (WHS) is a vital part of every industry. Mitigate your exposure by keeping your employees up-to-date with the latest Regulation Acts and Codes of Practice.

First aid

Put your employees' safety, health and wellbeing first, and train your employees to know how to respond in an emergency situation, how to clearly communicate the details of an incident, and how to perform life-saving first aid procedures.

NSW public sector training

If you're a NSW public sector agency, TAFE Enterprise has developed recognised online training to help you meet reporting obligations in areas including child protection, corruption, maladministration, plus training across public interest disclosure requirements, conflicts of interest and codes of conduct.

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