Breaking the groundhog

Going to work every day, do you sometimes feel like Bill Murray's character in the movie Groundhog Day? Like you're stuck in the same situation that keeps repeating itself over and over on a seemingly endless loop?

A lucky few of us had "vision boards" of our future careers even before we started kindergarten. They had a goal, something in the back of their minds that they were working towards. And now they gush annoyingly about how fulfilling their careers are… *Blugh.

But for the rest of us, we sort of fell into our careers because, well, we got the job. Now after [insert months, years, and decades] cycling the mundane, day in and day out just to pay the bills, our job is feeling more like Groundhog Day than something remotely meaningful.


Sound familiar? Here's how you can upgrade your career and escape that pattern of endless repetition.

Go back to square one

Years of working wisdom may have shown you the career path you wish you'd taken when you were a sprightly teen. But for many people it may not be as clear cut. You may know you're unhappy in your job but don't know what direction would satisfy you. Take some time to learn about yourself. Keep a journal filled with notes about what makes you happy. Complete a personality quiz to get some insight into your priorities. Or, book in some time with a career counsellor.

Talk to your employer

Have you found yourself eavesdropping on water cooler conversations from the marketing department and longed to be part of Project X? Chat to your employer about getting involved as part of your career development. Employers love individuals who are willing to learn and evolve. If you enjoyed being part of the process you might like to think about enrolling in an online course and become specialised in the field (some workplaces may even part-pay your course).  With a little in-house experience and extracurricular training you'll be ready to pounce on any internal opportunities.

Get qualified

Once you've picked a career area that you want to pursue you don't have to pack in the day job, lose the house or starve so that you can get qualified. Thanks to the internet and night-owl teachers you have flexible study options to choose from.

Don't waste your life in a boring Groundhog Day job. Make a change that your future self with thank you for.