Bridging courses: spanning educational gaps

Choose courses that are compatible with your degree and check the credit transfer requirements

Don't have the qualifications you need to get into your dream course? Realised you're not on the course you're meant to be? Found gaps in your university education? Never fear - bridging courses can get you back on the right track.

With a wide range of bridging courses designed to partner university degrees, TAFE NSW makes it easy to work towards a brighter future.

How bridging courses work

A bridging course allows you to study a specific subject that may not be available throughout your university. By completing the course, you are awarded credit, which can then be transferred to your university record and count towards your overall degree. A large number of NSW universities are already geared towards accepting credit transfers and even if they aren't, you can approach them and ask if they'd consider making an exception for you.

How to choose a bridging course

To take advantage of all the benefits bridging courses have to offer, all you need to do is choose courses that are compatible with your degree and check the credit transfer requirements. TAFE works with higher education authorities and universities throughout NSW, making sure you have plenty of choice when it comes to finding your ideal partnership.

Additional courses after your degree

If you've already finished your degree but are worried there are still some gaps in your knowledge, a TAFE course could be just what you need to get your skills up to scratch. Supplement your university education with courses designed to boost your employability and expand your skill set. Discover bridging coursesĀ on theĀ University to TAFE information page.