C u @ the library

Your Campus library has loads of up-to-date and quality educational resources, both online and physical

It's October. The last mid-semester break of the year is over and you're back in class. It's probably a pretty good time to be reminded of how awesome the TAFE NSW Campus libraries are. Library and Information Week may still be over six months away, but those yearly exams are only two months away – max – so anything that might help is worth knowing about.

It may seem that in these days of portable mobile technology where everyone carries an entire library in their pocket, actual bricks and mortar libraries are quaint relics from the past, out-dated and unnecessary dinosaurs, struggling to retain their relevance. Rather like reality TV stars from about five years ago.

Wrong. Don't bypass your TAFE NSW Campus library. It's an awesome information, learning and technology hub that's packed with all kinds of valuable resources that can help you ace your exams.

Some quick stats (see infographic below). TAFE NSW Campus libraries

  • have over 2,800 computers
  • have seating for over 9,000 people
  • had over three and a half million visitors in 2013
  • Your Campus library has loads of up-to-date and quality educational resources, both online and physical. This includes online subject guides for courses and Moodle resources to support online delivery; eResource databases and subscriptions, eBooks, eJournals and multimedia products. Not to mention photocopies, printers and everything you need for DIY desktop publishing.

    You'll also find dedicated quiet study spaces, something that can be a bit of a rarity on an otherwise busy and vibrant Campus. The library is also a place where people gather to read, study or discuss ideas, which means lots of creativity lurks amongst the furniture.

    Many TAFE NSW Campus libraries are also open for extended hours to cater for evening students.

    But the most valuable resources at your Campus library, are, of course, the staff. These are trained professionals who can provide and facilitate information literacy workshops (over 90,000 in 2013!), training sessions and advice on things like bibliography and copyright requirements and digital literacy support for content and learning management systems. In short, your Campus library staff are really good friends to have as those yearly exams begin to advance on the horizon.

    What else can you do at the library? Well, you can always borrow a good old-fashioned book.