Can a 'personality' test really help your career?

Taking a test that reveals your personality type can suggest career avenues you hadn't even considered before.

According to American educator and entrepreneur,  Salman Khan: "Among the world's children starting grade school this year, 65 per cent will end up doing jobs that haven't even been invented yet." Predicting careers can therefore seem like an uncertain and foolhardy task.

Use 'personality' tests to guide you – not direct you

Taking a test that reveals your personality type can suggest career avenues you hadn't even considered before. And while there are definite advantages to personality and aptitude tests, the key is to not consider it an absolute prediction or rely too heavily on what they say. Rather, use them as an aid to narrow down your options.

Whether you're just about to start higher education or are thinking of launching a second career, it's a good idea to take some time to consider your strengths and skills and what they might be best suited to when it comes to a workplace role.

We are no longer a one-career society

A large portion of your adult life is going to be taken up with working, but in today's world most people switch careers at least once, if not several times, and this reflects the fact that today people are demanding careers that are fulfilling. As our passions and interests change over time, so too do our personalities, and we might find that the job that once felt perfect no longer suits.

Knowing whether you're a people person, a critical thinker, an introvert, a leader, a team player or a technical specialist can be incredibly helpful, allowing you to automatically discount jobs that require a skill set that doesn't suit your own. However, it's important to remember that even if on paper it doesn't look like you'd match the role, you never know until you start a job whether you're actually suited to it. After all, there are many other factors involved in job satisfaction, the biggest of which is passion, although that's not necessarily easily measured. However, if you are passionate about your chosen career then chances are you're going to be good at it too.

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