Dark and fierce

A recent graduate of Sydney TAFE's Ultimo Fashion Design studio has had two of her 11 creations selected to be exhibited at the Powerhouse Museum.

Demetra Kakopieros, whose collection is titled Symphonies in the Black, aims to confront people with her designs, which have been described as "dark and fierce". A passionate animal lover, Kakopieros wants people to rethink how animals are exploited for and by the fashion industry.

"I design my work based on trying to capture a feeling or emotion with my audience," she said.

This includes evoking thought and emotion and to challenge people's perceptions. She's motivated by the fact that most of the animal and environmental exploitation in the industry is fairly invisible, and generally not the first thing on people's minds when they're admiring a fashion artwork.

East year the Powerhouse Museum displays fashion outfits designed by talented final year students from different fashion schools in the Sydney area. Kakopieros is doubly honoured that two of her designs have been selected for the exhibition.

"It's incredible," she said. "It's an amazing opportunity to expose your designs to such a broad audience and for such a long period."

She has also been selected to have some of her work displayed during Australian Fashion Week in May. After that she will be flying to Amsterdam to begin a highly-coveted internship with Dutch fashion designer, Van Herpen.