Dropped out of your uni course? Relax. You've got heaps of options...

So you've dropped out?

Well then, I guess I don't have to be the first to tell you that you've completely ruined your life.

Kidding, obvs.

Too soon?

Dropping out is undoubtedly a daunting experience for anyone. There's the whole 'my future is ruined' panic, the sheer uncertainty of what awaits you when you do drop out, and of course the utter dread of telling your parents you've thrown their hard-earned cash down the drain. Trust me, I feel your pain (I put off breaking it to my parents until my birthday. Can't get too mad then right? Oh so very, very wrong…).

Making a point, the decision to drop out of a course that's not for you could be the bravest and best decision you'll ever make. Even if you do have to find (and probably fund) your own way after your first blunder, those few short years don't hold a candle to the decades of satisfaction to come, working in a career you love.

If you are one of the brave souls who have recently dropped out, you're probably feeling like you're stuck in a sort of limbo. Veering back and forth between your options, looking for a sign to guide you on the right path.

Do not panic!

There probably won't be any miraculous signs. The miracle would be if everyone got it right the first time round.

The silver lining on this all-too-dramatic cloud of anxiety is that your options right now are wide open. Think about exploring some of the world, getting work experience, starting a rap group, what ever you need to do to 'find yourself'. Whatever you choose, remember, the door of education is always open.

If you are, however, thinking of going straight back into study and can't decide on a course or college, TAFE NSW could be a solid option for you. The practical, industry experience you get with TAFE is something seldom found in bigger Universities, which is what makes it a great place to build a career (students' words not mine!).

Hear it from them…

These inspiring TAFE students share their stories on why they made the switch from Uni and what they're up to now since studying with us.  A little reassurance for those of you still stuck in full-on panic mode.

If it didn't feel right, it wasn't for you. Take it from experience…


Luke and Matt Grdic. Identical twin brothers who both made the switch from Uni to TAFE to become fitness graduates working with high performance athletes.


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Meet Luke Eastman. Knowing he always wanted to do something creative, Luke made the switch from Bachelor of Arts at Uni to Diploma of Civil Construction & Design at TAFE for more practical, industry experience.

Luke got offered an apprenticeship with with Aurecon through TAFE - 6 years later, Luke is still with Aurecon and still loving his career.


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Meet Soheil Agha, NWS Training Awards' 'Student of the Year 2016'. Soheil made the switch from Uni to focus on TAFE as he felt it had a lot more to offer for a career in Design and Architecture


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