Five smartphone apps to help you study

Technology can become a big distraction when you're trying to get through a study session. Somehow that one silly snapchat turns into a four hour ‘face-off' with your bestie, leaving you with no time to get any constructive work done.

Instead of allowing your smartphone to detract from your study potential, use these apps to get the best out of your education:

1. SelfControl

The key to recovering from your smartphone addiction is admitting that you have a problem. If you find yourself browsing your Facebook timeline instead of getting through your course material, then you need to download a little SelfControl. This handy app allows you to blacklist all of the apps and websites you find hard to resist until your self-set study session is over.

- Realising you set your study session to 600 minutes, instead of 60.

2. Google Docs

Google Docs allows you to access, create and edit documents and spreadsheets on the go, from your phone, tablet or computer. Our favourite feature is ‘auto-save'. Hooray, no more lost essays!

3. Easy Bib

Referencing can be (pain in the...) frustrating but it doesn't have to be. Easy Bib is a handy app that allows you to create citations instantly by scanning a book's barcode.

4. Simple Roster

Are you an apprentice or do you work and study? There's no doubt that doing a work/study combo is a great way to get practical knowledge while you learn, but it can become an overwhelming juggling act. Use the Simple Roster app to manage your work shift. To set up a roster, simply pick a start date and start entering... in a few seconds you'll see your roster displayed in your calendar.

5. iHomework

Never miss a study deadline with this handy little app that acts as your personal assistant. Use it to keep track of readings, teachers, courses and schedules at the beginning of semester and it will remind you when all your key dates are coming up. No, sorry, it doesn't actually do all of your TAFE homework for you :(


For more useful techno-tools check out these Six Study Apps, or share your must-haves in the comments.