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 Now that the Financial Planning Association (FPA) has amended its requirements, from 1 July 2013 all financial advisers will require a degree

Are you interested in working in the glamorous finance industry?

Degree qualified financial advisers are increasingly becoming flavour of the month in the financial services industry.  In addition to the continued attractiveness of the industry to potential new recruits, over the past decade the regulatory push for experienced financial advisers to become qualified has seen a growth in private training firms offering the basic diploma level qualifications.

However, now that the Financial Planning Association (FPA) has amended its requirements, from 1 July 2013 all financial advisers will require a degree. This initiative is aimed at increasing the education standards of financial advisers.  Currently there are very few degrees on offer which meet the FPA's education requirements under the new Financial Planning Education Council (FPEC), which outlines the educational curriculum requirements for higher education providers.

The Bachelor of Applied Finance (Financial Planning) degree program we offer at TAFE NSW Higher Education does, however, give you the complete package. And more.

The degree is accredited with FPEC, and graduates meet the entry requirements for the professional Certified Financial Planner program (CFP).  Furthermore,  the learning model at TAFE NSW Higher Education ensures that students benefit the most from small class sizes and industry experienced teachers.

Research has demonstrated that small class sizes provide a more effective learning environment because the students can readily interact with teachers during lectures and tutorials.  Student engagement is our focus at TAFE NSW Higher Education.  We welcome students to clarify points and share their own experiences in lectures and tutorials. This, coupled with students' passion for their chosen career path, makes the learning experience a positive and rewarding journey.

Our expert teachers are required to hold relevant qualifications, just like university lecturers and tutors. However, TAFE NSW Higher Education also mandates that all teachers must have current industry experience and knowledge.  So a TAFE NSW Higher Education student not only benefits from the in-depth theoretical knowledge of our expert teachers, but also gains a better understanding of concepts by learning from real life examples and industry experiences shared by our teachers.

For decades TAFE teachers have been focused on student engagement.  Universities are now recognising the benefits of this model too, but we are already doing it!  This puts TAFE NSW Degrees, an accredited higher education provider, at the cutting edge of tertiary education.

Get your financial services career started with our complete finance degree package. Not only does it meet the new education requirements for the industry, students can learn in small class sizes and from industry experts who you can interact with. In every lesson.