How to get a job in fashion

Many young people dream of a career in this creative industry. Maybe your interest started when you made DIY clothes for your Barbie dolls. And then styled them for your daily in-house fashion shows (or was that just me?). Or maybe your passion for fashion came later in life, flicking through Vogue magazine or becoming addicted to shows like Gossip Girl and Project Runway, which gave you a sneak peek into this intriguing industry and all it has to offer.

 But rising to success in this business can be tough. It's very competitive, and not as seamless as Lauren Conrad's privileged journey. So here are some steps to help you land your dream job, and how TAFE NSW can get you there.

The fashion nitty gritty

First things first – yes, fashion is stylish and exciting. But lots of hard work and dedication is required. Stunning masterpieces, whether on a boutique rail or a runway, are made of blood, sweat and tears. There will be some unsociable hours when you're stuck to your sewing machine and sketches, or long days running around studios. So be prepared for the flavourless parts of this industry. With that said, if you can handle a little labour and stress, then the end reward is highly worth it.

Do you have what it takes?

Okay, so you know about the not-so glam side of a fashion career. But do you have the right skills to move forward?

Creativity and artistic talent are vital, complimented by the ability to draw. It's useless having brilliant concepts if you can't get them on to paper. Strong visualisation skills will help you bring your creations to life using raw materials, while understanding textures, colours and fabric qualities. Having an eye for detail could be a game changer as this can make your pieces stand out. Success in most careers relies heavily on communication and teamwork – so make sure you're a team player with the gift of the gab when required.

What are the perks?

Fashion is fun! And people working in the industry are passionate and creative, which makes for an awesome atmosphere. Another benefit - seeing your visions and dreams come to life. TAFE NSW Design Graduate Jessica Van can vouch for this, as her awesome work was showcased at both New York Fashion Week and Australian Fashion week 2016.

What next?

So how do you aim to be on top of your game? Start building your portfolio and online presence as soon as possible. Showcase your best work so far, whether it's your creations from school, or drawings you sketched in your bedroom. If you rate it, add it to your portfolio. Keep it current and be aware of trends. If you need help, have a look at our Fashion Design Portfolio course.

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TAFE NSW is Australia's leading vocational education and training provider so we definitely have a course to suit you. Our Sydney Fashion Design Studio has been ranked #23 in the world, and has produced many amazing household names, such as graduates Alex Perry, Nicky Zimmermann and Lisa Ho.

If you're not sure which field of fashion you're passionate about, explore our range of courses in fashion design, fashion and textiles, merchandising, clothing production, fabric design and printing and retail.

We have strong industry connections and some of the best teachers in the business. So studying with TAFE NSW could help you land that precious internship. Then just watch the doors open to endless opportunities.

Now is the time to unleash your creativity and follow your fashion dreams. Believe in yourself and you could be the next big name in fashion!

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