How to get a job in IT

Today  we chat about Information Technology (IT), an area that proves the geek really will inherit the Earth.

Why IT?

Information technology (IT) is all around us now. It runs virtually non-stop, impacting almost every part of modern life. And it looks set to hang around for, well… pretty much for as long as humans are around. If there was ever an industry that will always be overflowing with job opportunities, this is IT.

What are the jobs?

Computer network professionals and ITC support technicians are two of the dominant jobs in the sector. Combined, these two roles account for almost 80,000 jobs in Australia alone. Both of these roles have a high proportion of full-time jobs (96.4% and 90.5% respectively) and are both predicted to grow strongly over the next five years.

Skills and qualities employers are looking for

If you're interested in a job in the IT sector, there are a couple of check boxes you may need to tick first. Leading the charge is a natural interest in computers and technology. Personal qualities like good communication and organizational skills are pretty essential for work in IT. You'll need good attention to detail, a knack for problem-solving and analytical skills.

An aptitude for mathematics is critical, as most computer applications are based on mathematical principles. It's important when working with circuitry and in programming. You'll also need strong technical writings skills.

Formal IT training

With lots of tech savvy people vying for well-paid jobs, any formal training that can put you ahead of your competitors can only be a good thing. TAFE NSW offers many different IT courses, covering areas such as networking, systems administration, software development, network security and programming.

The Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology is a great starter course for anyone wanting to enter the IT world. As well as front-end website support and basic coding, this course has a design element, which means it'd be a good fit for anyone with their eye on web design.

The Certificate IV in Programming is another ideal starter course. This covers basic programming, configuring and maintaining databases and writing script for software applications.

The Diploma of Information Technology Networking is for a more advanced skill set, and covers the design, installation and management of networks.

For the coveted area of network security, TAFE offers the Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Security). This is a professional degree that focuses on network security and is ideal for people who already have a solid groundwork of knowledge and would like to move into this more specialised area.

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