Jobs of the future

Many of the professions predicted to enjoy future popularity are due to the ageing population and the digital boom

Life isn't static. And neither is the job market. Times will always be changing and this means the demand for different jobs and trades will change with them. Jobs that were popular and in high demand 10 years ago might be waning now, due to a change in technology, method of service delivery, consumer demand or other trends or factors.

Here is our pick of six professions that look set to increase in popularity over the next five to 10 years. Some of them are professions that have already been around for many years and are enjoying a steady increase in popularity. Others are roles that barely existed 10 or 15 years ago.


Carpentry is an extremely old profession and in NSW the construction industry has been on a steady upswing for the last couple of years. This building boom means that skilled carpenters will find their services more in demand.

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Dental hygienist

The demand for dentists and dental assistants in Australia is partly being driven by the ageing population and also by our sugar-heavy western diets. The popularity of dental assistant training is predicted to increase by between 12 and 16% over the next 10 years.

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Market research analyst

Market research analysts help businesses make sense of consumer data by crunching numbers and studying market conditions, trends and consumer behaviour. In an increasingly competitive landscape, these highly skilled professionals are able to develop and recommend effective marketing strategies.

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App developer

Application software developers put most of their focus on the needs and interface experiences of users rather than the back-end components of IT systems, which is more the domain of software systems developers. As with other IT-related professions, applications developers will benefit from the ongoing tech boom.

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Information security analyst

Digital dangers seem to be increasing on par with the IT revolution, which means all levels of government and companies across multiple industries are seeking IT professionals to secure up their information networks. There is also strong demand for this skillset in hospitals and medical practices where the trend towards more digital records increases the need to protect patients' privacy.

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Physical therapist

This is another role that's being driven by the ageing population. Physical therapists help patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility, often without expensive surgical interventions. As our population ages, these professionals will be required more and more to help people remain active and vital.

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