Learn a hobby

We all know education's value: education helps you navigate and better understand the world, and it helps you land your dream job. But when is the last time you learnt something just for the fun of it?

You may not be the type of person who would have ever paired the words ‘learning' and ‘fun', but learning a hobby is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. It's a skill you will always have that is just for you, not your workplace.

Here are 7 short courses to give you hobby inspiration

  • Duration: 9 weeks

    Hobbies aren't all crochet and gardening (though we have fun courses for those too), you could be exploring the world of cinema in your spare time. In this hands-on course you'll research, develop, analyse, edit or re-imagine a script, design and construct a scale model of the set and prop elements, and produce production boards for costumes to present to the director.

  • Duration: 4 weeks

    This course will give you skills in beautiful floral arrangements, specifically for events and celebrations. You'll be surrounded by foliage, delightful scents and focus on something creative! And the added bonus – you'll take your floral arrangements home with you to enjoy.

  • Duration: 1 day

    If you've ever uttered the phrase ‘but first, coffee' then we have the hobby for you! This one-day course will help you dial up the hipster in you and give you the skills to brew the perfect cuppa-joe.

  • Duration: 9 weeks

    Looking for a hobby that you can share amongst the squad? This course is run by leading fashion, film and TV make-up teachers to give you next level pro skills in hairstyling and make-up.

  • Duration: 5 weeks

    Learn to create a metal masterpiece with gas metal arc-welding, manual metal arc-welding or gas tungsten arc-welding. You'll gain the skills to safely work metal-heating and thermal-cutting techniques to creatively design 3D art.


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