The Fold Style Guide

Best practice for The Fold

1. Use Heading 2 as your main section headings. Use Heading 3 for sub sections.

Do not use Heading 1. For SEO purposes, each page should have only one Heading 1, and in our WordPress theme, we take the title of your post, in this case "The Fold Style Guide", and display it for you as a Heading 1 automatically.

This is a Heading 2

This is a Heading 3

This is a Heading 4


2. When using stock photography, resize it before uploading it

Do not upload full-size stock images. You can resize your image using Irfanview or Photoshop. Resize the image to a maximum width of 1600px and save it as a name such as business-woman.jpg. Do not leave the name as GettyImages01234567.jpg.


3. Use the YouTube shortcode for embedding YouTube

We have a WordPress shortcode for embedding YouTube videos. The shortcode automatically wraps the video in code that makes the video stretch or shrink to fit the screen that is viewing it, and makes the blog cooler on desktop, and more professional on mobile.

When you get your YouTube link, it looks like this:

Take the bit on the end after ?v= and put it inside the tags, as below.




4. Use the Quote shortcode for highlighting a powerful statement and breaking up big blocks of text

You can use the quote shortcode to break up a long article and feature a good statement.

[quote]I launched my career with a TAFE NSW degree.[/quote]

[quote]I launched my career with a TAFE NSW degree.[/quote]

5. Use the Blockquote shortcode for highlighting with a huge quote background on the left

Blockquote menu

This is the best blog in the whole TAFE network. – Mel

Do you want more shortcodes? Let Dan and Mel know what we can do to help you make great social media content.