The spear idea

Sometimes when you have a new idea you need to 'bank' it for a while and not worry or waste energy trying to convince others

After reading Identify, analyse and evaluate it got me thinking about what information was important or needed by others and when. The goal of studying is often seen as the pursuit of validated knowledge to make yourself employable and benefit your employers with your hard-won knowledge.

There comes a certain time in your life when you start to question your stored knowledge. Maybe because of age or because of instability in your workplace. You may feel the need to try and impress others and validate your knowledge. Or to improve your employer's position. Should this untapped knowledge be pushed? Should it be used? Or should it be put on ice for another day?  How much knowledge is too much?

For me, I like technology and try and keep up-to date with the latest trends and ideas. The digital age allows anyone to absorb a vast swathe of information in seconds. Twitter is a great example of a medium where you can keep up to date with world politics, digital trends from around the globe and a mix of business and personal passions at the touch of a thumb on a smartphone. Ideas can be rapidly tested, validated and stored as possible solutions in a technology-based world.

With this easily found knowledge I feel like the Neanderthal on the hill looking at mammoths, while gradually forming an idea about a spear, and wondering why others don't have the same passion about this new spear idea.

Sometimes when you have a new idea you need to 'bank' it for a while and not worry or waste energy trying to convince others. Knowledge and timing goes hand in hand, so don't worry if your new knowledge isn't seen as the best thing since sliced bread. Certainly perfect your idea and dream about a brighter future, but don't dwell on things out of your control. When your ideas aren't taken up immediately, you need to let go for a while. As the great Victor Hugo once famously said "Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come".

Your ego is the first to jump in when a possible solution needs filling. Consequently, if your solution isn't embraced immediately, your ego is hurt. Don't take this rejection personally in business. There'll be many times in your life when you'll need to deal with knowledge transition in a workplace. Keep learning, keep perfecting your knowledge and don't forget to relax and enjoy life and take time out with what pleases you. Managers will tell you work life balance is important for a reason.