There's a course for that?

We all know that TAFE NSW leads the charge when it comes to training our plumbers, brickies, hairdressers and carpenters. But what about all of those lesser known and more obscure occupations? Where do you go to learn about aviation? Or farriery? Or cake decorating? Fear not – there's a course for that.

Here are eight TAFE NSW courses that you probably had no idea even existed.

Introduction to Cheese Making

Whether it's being nibbled delicately as hor d'oeuvres or smothering a super supreme pizza, we love our cheese. This hands-on course provides you with the skills and knowledge required to produce a range of soft cheeses. You'll learn about simple production of cheese and related products, cultures in cheese making, as well as product selection and purchasing. Package your products and take home to impress your family! Yum!

Dangerous Dog Assessing & Handling Workshop

Some pooches aren't as friendly as others. This workshop is great for anyone who has to interact with dogs as part of their job or hobbies. This can include metre readers, veterinary staff, kennel staff, rangers, police officers, ambulance officers, dog trainers and handlers.

You'll learn how to identify the body language of aggression presented by a dog and the appropriate response to avoid serious injury and minimize injuries. You'll even have the opportunity to experience a trained dog bite wearing a protective bite sleeve. OHS issues are identified and explored in keeping with industry standards.

Advanced Wool Handling

This Certificate III qualification course is for people working in the wool handling industry who want to further develop their skills and knowledge for specialist positions within the industry.

Students learn about preparing wool for classing; preparing facilities; quality assurance in wool preparation; pressing wool; performing shed duties; and safe working practices.

Asbestos Removal (Friable Asbestos)

We all know that asbestos can be very nasty stuff and it keeps popping up in old buildings everywhere. This Statement of Attainment course is for asbestos removal workers to meet mandated national legislative training and licensing requirements for friable asbestos removal.

Applicants who complete this course can perform friable asbestos removal work for enterprises who hold a Class A Asbestos Removal licence issued by WorkCover NSW.

Hair Engraving

Yes, hair engraving (aka hair tattooing) is an actual thing and it's fast becoming all the rage. In this TAFE Plus Statement course you'll learn the techniques involved in creating individual designs. This course has been designed to show you the techniques used to create hair tattooing designs as well as handling and using the trimmers and engraving attachments.

Chainsaw Operations (Intermediate Tree Felling)

This Statement of Attainment course provides competency-based training in the safe use of chainsaws for cutting timber and felling trees. Learners who complete the course will be able to use a chainsaw in a safe and effective way to crosscut, rip, delimb and trim logs and felled trees; fell a range of trees classified as basic, intermediate and advanced trees.

Foaling Night Watch

This TAFE Plus Statement qualification is designed for those intending to care for and supervise foaling mares. You'll learn how to care for mares and foals at foaling time and care for newborn foals during the neonatal period to the required industry standards. The course concentrates on assessing the normal events of late pregnancy and foaling, assessing the health of newborn foals, assessing foal growth and development to six weeks of age and providing assistance in the initial care of the compromised foal.


This course provides knowledge and skills for participants who require introductory training in order to communicate with other Deaf people, or for hearing people who need to communicate with Deaf family or colleagues.

At this Certificate II level the course teaches you how to give simple information in Auslan in different contexts, apply major principles of learning Auslan as a second language and demonstrate an understanding of basic cultural and historic knowledge of the Deaf community.

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