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3 reasons InfoFest is the best

What on Earth is TAFE NSW InfoFest? And why on Earth should you bother with it? 

3 reasons InfoFest is the best

Here's 2 reasons just here: TAFE NSW teachers you might meet

TAFE NSW InfoFest is when our doors open early in December as well as mid-January. You can go through the doors and explore what's on the other side. More than 3 things, but here's 3 to get you started.

1. You are the expert on teachers

TAFE NSW teachers are experts in their industry areas. But you are an expert on teachers. You have had many teachers in your life. You know what works for you.

So if you’re still choosing your course or where to study, come along and have a chat to TAFE NSW teachers.

If you’ve already decided on your course, it’s time to get excited. Meet teachers, ask any questions and make sure you’re on course for success. This guy is Darek, a TAFE NSW Animal Care teacher, you might meet him (minus the snake!).


2. Find out what support looks like

Your career is our career. It’s why we’re here. So come and see how we can support you.

If you’ll looking to study at TAFE NSW, we offer free counselling about education and careers. Our Counsellors are actually 'counsellors'. They are not sales people. They can help you to:

Clarify your career goals
Find a course that meets your needs
Identify obstacles you may be facing – and help you to deal with them
Develop skills to manage your career into the future


3. Life’s short, so get into it

Life’s short. There’s lots to do. So don’t do what you have already done. You could reduce the amount of time you need to study and get your qualification faster, which can also save you money. Have a chat about your past so you can discover your future.

  • Credit Transfer recognises your previously completed studies, which may allow for entry into a qualification and/or provide credit towards the qualification
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) recognises skills, knowledge or experience you have gained outside of the formal education and training system

Whether you're a school leaver, want to build new skills to land a promotion, are thinking about a career change, or just looking for some essential skills that can help to successfully launch your business - you can explore all of your options at TAFE NSW InfoFest.

BE whatever you want to be