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Accelerate your career success as a TAFE NSW graduate

Push your career further by taking advantage of your professional network. Or borrow our network...

Accelerate your career success as a TAFE NSW graduate

TAFE NSW teachers were industry experts before they became teachers. All still work in industry, consult or stay in touch with the latest trends. That means they can connect you with businesses, help you gain real-world experience through work placements, and make sure you are getting the most relevant hands-on experience. In many cases, these connections lead to actual jobs.  

Here are some examples of how this has worked for 'real' people. People like you.

Stand out from the crowd

Jorja had a communications/journalism degree from university, but was struggling to find a good job. So she added a TAFE NSW Certificate IV in Marketing to her professional bag of tricks. During her studies, her teacher was contacted by an employer looking for a top student to fill a marketing and communications role. Jorja aced the interview and landed the job.

“Studying with TAFE NSW gave me not only the practical skills needed to be successful, but the networks which are so important to have," says Jorja. "I have a great job."

Get hands-on

Eleanor managed to secure an internship at the Byron Bay Writers Festival, as a result of her studying Event Management at TAFE NSW.

Armed with the knowledge gained through her flexible TAFE Digital course, Eleanor was able to secure a position as a festival coordinator (that's her in the hat at the festival) and get invaluable exposure and experience. Boasting over 140 international, national and local writers, thinkers and commentators, the Byron Bay Writers' Festival was the perfect opportunity for Eleanor to put the theory she learned during her Event Management course into practice.

"I was helping with the planning of opening night, site management, organising production schedules and run sheets, sponsorship co-ordination and helping to organise the festival program,” she says.

“I really enjoyed the practical experience and applying what I have learnt in the Diploma of Event Management to a real-life working situation.”

Work your network

Another student who was able to transform her learning into a real-life working situation was Kaylene Milner (pictured) - a 2011 graduate from the TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio who traversed the globe putting her learning to work.

Kaylene launched her namesake label and won the Fashion Future Scholarship to work in New York, gaining experience at both the Diane Von Fürstenberg Studio and the trend-forecasting agency, Fashion Snoops. When Kaylene came back to Australia in 2013, she returned to the TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio as a teacher.

In then won the 2017 Premier’s TAFE NSW Scholarship which allowed her to visit the USA to study creative and innovative ways to implement sustainable fashion business models. Kaylene is now concentrating on her rock-and-punk inspired cult knitwear brand, WAH-WAH.

With over 20,000 industry connections and hundreds of courses to choose from, TAFE NSW will help set you on a path to career success. 

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