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Be in a career you love

6 reasons why you should be at TAFE NSW Open Day.

Be in a career you love

TAFE NSW: offering big letters and big choices

Immerse yourself and be inspired. Here are six reasons why you should be at TAFE NSW Open Day.

1. Chat with our industry experts

TAFE NSW teachers are experts in their chosen fields. They are the perfect people to answer all of your questions about study, careers, industry opportunities and anything you've ever wanted to know about any career.

2. Ask a graduate

Graduates will give you the low down on why TAFE NSW is the best career step you'll ever take. You can ask their advice about how to make study work for you and the kind of real-world skills you'll get from TAFE NSW.

3. Have a look around and check out the vibe

Check it out for yourself. Look at our facilities; TAFE NSW has industry-standard learning spaces where students get hands-on real job skills.

You'll also want to know where the best coffee can be found.

4. Get some career advice

Career advisors will be on hand. They are professionals (and not actually salespeople). Talk to them for honest advice about your best steps into a career you love.

5. You might learn something ... about yourself

Find something you're passionate about. Watch a demonstration, ask us about how your passion could become your career with TAFE NSW.

6. Explore our degrees

Did you know that uni isn't the only place to get a bachelor degree? You might find a degree at TAFE NSW that gets you into your dream career faster.

See you there!


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