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How you can get your designs printed on fabric

If you’ve ever drawn an eye-catching doodle and thought ‘that would make a great pattern on clothes’ - then pay attention.

How you can get your designs printed on fabric

Teacher of print design at the TAFE NSW Fashion Design School, Seaneen Kelly, gives us the low-down on the processes involved to get your sketch on a skirt.

“My top advice for any aspiring designer is to make sure they’ve got all the best equipment,” Seaneen says.

But if you don’t have access to the latest tech – don’t fret. When you enrol in a fashion design course at TAFE NSW, you’ll get access to all sorts of amazing equipment, including our state of-the-art dye printers which you can use to create your own fabrics.

In the meantime, Seaneen suggests that the best things to do to improve your design skills are: “Sketching, playing with colour, looking at the season you’re designing for.”

Go and have a look at the great fashion courses available at TAFE NSW that can help you get your dazzling designs printed to perfection.

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