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Listen to your own bunch of 5 experts

Ever wished you could go back in a time-machine and tell yourself what to do? Well, you sort of can by listening to other people who have been there and done that.

Listen to your own bunch of 5 experts


Know what employers need

“I was able to get a graduate position at NAB. I was in a room full of university students who had already finished (degrees) and I was in my second year at TAFE NSW and they gave me the job instead.

I think our teachers are very hands on and I think that's what gave me the knowledge and experience to kind of go through the process and know what I'm talking about, know what the industry wants and needs."

- Charlie, Bachelor of Property Valuation



Look around and then focus

"I was encouraged to follow this pathway by the people I was working with at the time who were statutory engineers. I could have gone to uni, but at this stage of my life, with work and family commitments, TAFE NSW was a better and more suitable option. I know where I want to go and where my interests and talents lie. Then it’s just a matter of being committed and focused."

- Matt, Engineering


Listen to your heart

"For anyone who is looking to do something for themselves, I say this: ‘follow your dreams and believe in yourself!’ I never thought I would find my dream job at TAFE NSW, and all I did was follow my heart."

- Kylie, Hospitality




Listen to Emma Jane

"Being able to work at the same time in conjunction with doing the course was so helpful, because not only was I able to get the education but I was also able to get that practical experience in the workplace that's really so helpful to have a really well-rounded education then to put you in a really good position once you've graduated."

- Emma-Jane, Bachelor of Interior Design


More importantly, listen to Emma-Jane’s mum!

“It was really more important for us, for her to follow what she was passionate about, what she loved. And we knew she'd get the best out of an education here, than what she would get out of a larger university.

"She wouldn't get lost in the classes, in the huge classes that you can have. She'd get excellent teaching, which she did, really one-on-one.

“She was very comfortable from the day she walked in, she was able to make friends in that smaller environment.”

- Tracey (Emma-Jane’s mum)


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