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Mythbusting scholarships

Bust some myths and get in the running. Every year we award hundreds of scholarships to our students, so make this year your year to be rewarded.

Mythbusting scholarships

1. ‘There’s no point in applying, I’ll never have a chance’
There are not as many scholarship applicants as you would expect, and often scholarships are not awarded simply because people haven’t applied for them. Give it a shot and apply, you’ve got to be in it to win it

2. ‘I’m not smart enough’
While some scholarships are based on academic merit, most TAFE NSW scholarships are focused on your commitment to study and your chosen career path. Just show us how passionate you are!

3. ‘I’m probably not even eligible’
Every scholarship has different requirements, so it’s worth having a look through the available scholarships as you’ll probably find that you meet the eligibility criteria for a wide range of scholarships

4. ‘It’s not worth the effort’
It may only take you a few hours to complete your scholarship application, and in return you may receive considerable funding to support you during your studies. It’s absolutely worth the effort, and you need to be in it to win it!