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Screen and media skills helping make a difference

Students show that the power to help change the world is in your pocket – and at TAFE NSW.

Screen and media skills helping make a difference

Real world experience highlighting real world concerns

To bring attention to the declining bee population, TAFE NSW Screen and Media students have produced a project in collaboration with the Illawarra Beekeepers Association.

TAFE NSW teacher Nicolas Bleszynski said the aim was to inspire more filmmakers to start their journey with TAFE NSW.

“We wanted to do some community-based projects to give students from The Shire experience of producing content for a real client with real deadlines,” says Nicolas.


Collaborating to spread the message

The students filmed and interviewed Penny Dowyn, President of the Illawarra Beekeepers Association, using an iPhone to capture the footage.

“When we met with the Illawarra Beekeepers Association they said a short video would really help them spread the message, so we agreed to collaborate on a project with the students,” says Nicholas.

“Small groups like the Illawarra Beekeepers Association are the real heroes because they are leading the charge to increase bee populations by encouraging amateur beekeepers to set up their own hives to encourage pollination for plants, flowers and crops.”

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