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Secrets of career-boosters revealed 

Study tips are good. But they are really good when they come from people who walked the talk.  

Secrets of career-boosters revealed 

Your career is our career. It's why we are here. We're linked to skills shortages, we have a supportive environment, and we respect you and your needs.


Uni can just be the start

About 40,000 university graduates study at TAFE NSW each year. Add career-specific skills and real-world value to uni study.

Market yourself

Jorja had a communications/journalism degree from university, but was struggling to find a good job. So she added a TAFE NSW Marketing qualification to her professional bag of tricks. During her studies, her teacher was contacted by an employer looking for a top student to fill a marketing and communications role. Jorja (pictured) aced the interview and landed the job.

“Studying with TAFE NSW gave me not only the practical skills needed to be successful, but the networks which are so important to have," says Jorja. "I have a great job."


Engineering your future can be simple

Joshua had an engineering degree (and a great dog, also pictured!), but wanted to progress to being a design engineer. He did research and found that his TAFE Digital course in Water Operations gave him the skills and qualification he needed.  

A large part of his success, Joshua says, was that he simply found TAFE Digital interfaces familiar and easy to use. After filling the gap in his education, Joshua moved up in his career. Sometimes support comes in simple ways.



The sky’s the limit

Angela Plaisted (pictured) built management and marketing foundations at TAFE NSW, and then went on to refine her skills and progress her career in one of the world’s largest professional services firms. 

Angela’s time at TAFE NSW helped her progress from basic clerical roles to a position at Ernst & Young. Angela is the Global Program Manager of EY’s Entrepreneur of The Year – the world's most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs.  

“I loved studying and enjoyed the sense of achievement,” says Angela. “I deeply appreciated the expertise and real-world experience of my teachers.” 


If you love it, you can own it!

Sometimes climbing a career means taking ownership of it. Smash repairers Jay and John completed courses in Autobody Repair (Jay) and the Vehicle Painting (John) at TAFE NSW, and decided to combine their passions and became business partners of Mid City Smash Repairs in Dubbo.

“John and I both had ambitions to own our own business and with two complementary trades it made sense,” Jay (pictured) says. “We’ve now been business partners for almost seven years.” 

“I loved going to TAFE NSW because I got to learn other skills and get exposure to different aspects of the trade.” 


Big 3 take-homes

1. It can be a quick-fix 

Identify just one skill you need or could work on. Nail it!  

Short courses. TAFE NSW has hundreds of short courses - including online short courses - from essential licencing requirements to the skills and tools to make the next step. 

Micro-credentials. Study subjects from a TAFE NSW Degree. Micro-credential are the degree-level, bite-sized course your career needs.   


2. Don’t start from scratch 

Bring your skills with you. Only study what you need to. The skills and knowledge you have gained through working, volunteering or studying can give you a head start.  

Scholarships.  You deserve the chance to create a better future. We offer hundreds of different sorts of scholarships so you can benefit from education and training. 

Career counselling. The TAFE NSW Counselling and Career Development Service is free, and is designed to help you succeed in your studies and your career. 


3. Now is a good time! 

If you are you 35 or older, are looking for work and wanting to retrain or upgrade your skills, you may be eligible for a fee-free (eligibility rules apply) place in a TAFE NSW course. 

Mature-Age Workers Scholarships are linked to skills shortages. Courses are at a range of levels, so you can choose the best fit for you.  

It's about you. We have options and programs designed for everyone from school students to retirees. Explore the pathways for you and your career. 



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