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Sometimes to be real you've got to fake it

Simulators and best-in-class facilities combine to help patrol the high seas.

Sometimes to be real you've got to fake it

TAFE NSW Maritime Studies qualifications, offered in partnership with the University of Tasmania, are recognised internationally. That's why career seafarers travel from across the world to TAFE NSW to earn maritime certifications. They also come from closer to home - law enforcement agency officers like those from the Australian Border Force (ABF).

Another reason for the strength of TAFE NSW qualification delivery is the maritime craft simulator, which uses interactive technology to provide training scenarios for masters, deck officers and engineering officers.

Be ready for virtually anything

It’s not sink or swim. But you’ll have to think quickly when you are put at the helm of the marine craft simulator. The amazingly realistic simulator could drop you in virtually any situation, in any weather on any kind of vessel so you will be ready to deal with any emergency the sea can throw at you.

Glenn Hunter, TAFE NSW Maritime Head Teacher, spent 30 years at sea so he knows how important it is to be ready to face anything when you work at sea.

“The simulator is so realistic that someone without their sea legs can get sick while in the room,” says Glenn.

We’re going to need a bigger boat

Scott Bickford is a senior officer with ABF and he has set his sights on the big time. A new job on Ocean Shield, the largest patrol vessel in the ABF fleet, is now within his reach with new skills learned from TAFE NSW.

“I am very much looking forward to having the skills and knowledge required to work on these bigger vessels,” Scott says.

Your career could take you anywhere

Shipping is big news. And getting bigger. Most of Australia's exports leave our shores on the ocean so the demand for qualified people is only going to go up.

A career at sea will take you anywhere. Don’t wait. Get ahead with TAFE NSW.


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