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Start 2020 with 4 career crackers

TAFE NSW InfoFest is not NYE fireworks. But, as far as your career future goes, it's better. A real cracker.

Start 2020 with 4 career crackers

And while we're talking about crackers, check out four TAFE NSW teachers you might meet at InfoFest. InfoFest is when TAFE NSW opens its doors 20-24 January. Come and discover everything about courses and your career future. 


Entertain a fulfilling career with Kerry

Hollywood veteran Kerry Furlong leads head teachers of music, film, TV, game development, 3D art, animation, radio and journalism.  He’s worked in all those industries.

“Whether you want a professional career in the entertainment industries, or just want to save your sanity with a cool creative play, our InfoFest sessions will put you on the path,” says Kerry.

“Check out the facilities, studios and staff, plus many of our InfoFest sessions are a 'free' sample classes where you can experience what the skills and industry feels like.  From guitars to film cameras, recording studios to radio stations, and game design to 3D tools, you can see what it feels like, and hear what your future can hold.

“With entertainment-industry courses, you’ll either learn to do what you love for a living, or learn to do what you love while doing something else for a living.  Either way, you win!”

He says information sessions often run all year around. "But it’s really ramped up during InfoFest for you try it all out.” 

Find Debbie and find the right course for you

Debbie Ferguson, head teacher of Business and Finance, says InfoFest sessions are an invaluable opportunity to simply make sure people are enrolling in a course that is the right fit for them.

“InfoFest means we can just talk one-on-one with people about their career goals and their experience,” says Debbie. “We can work together to make sure they enrol in a qualification level that suits them.”

Debbie says that might mean, for instance, discussing if a student might work well in a Diploma class or are they better suited doing another qualification first.

“These are important decisions and people plan their lives and travel around their courses. Having one-on-one discussions helps people make the choice that is right for them.”

Meet Dean and your future projects

“At InfoFest you can speak to the teachers who specialise in particular industry skills,” says ICT head teacher, Dean Nguyen.

"You may be able to see some of the students working on projects. You may be able to chat to some of them about their experiences. That helps people get a good picture of what their course will be like.

"See for yourself what you can gain and what the opportunities are. It’s open and transparent. And it’s informal so you can gain all these insights.”

Check out teachers' experience 

It's good to know that your teacher knows what they are talking about. Head teacher of Accounting and Finance, Diana Bugarcic certainly does. Before she came to TAFE NSW, Diana was a treasury risk manager at Qantas, looking after their foreign exchange portfolio. Like all your teachers, she’s an industry expert.

“At TAFE NSW, we're not 'professors'. We're there to actually demonstrate to the students how what they're learning actually applies to industry," says Diana, who is also the lead course coordinator for the Bachelor of Applied Commerce (Financial Planning).

With over 1,200 courses, diplomas and degrees, InfoFest is a great opportunity to get the lowdown on your perfect career.


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