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Start your career in Business

If you’re looking to build skills in Business Strategy, Operations, and Team Management, it pays to look to the future.

Start your career in Business

If you thrive in a range of environments, enjoying the rush of addressing a room full of people, inspiring them to achieve their best, and bringing a team together to work as a single, conquering unit - then a Business, Leadership, and Management career could give you the skills to make a real impact.

3 essential skills for business, leadership, and management career success

Job roles are constantly evolving, but if you’re serious about launching a career, there are three future-proofed skills that employers are always looking for in the Business, Leadership and Management sectors:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Stakeholder management
  • Customer services

Key TAFE NSW courses to build essential Business, Leadership, and Management skills:

Spotlight on international careers: Be connected

If you want to travel in your career, then consider this:

  • In NSW, management and consulting are the biggest service exports, valued at over $3 billion.
  • Professional Services, including management, are the third most exported service in Australia and will become increasingly important as a source of revenue in the 2020s

Many countries are strengthening their ties with Australia, through both government and industry sources, and business and leadership skills and knowledge are among the most adaptable for overseas employment. TAFE NSW has many leading business and management courses and degrees, and when you graduate from TAFE NSW, you will meet the national standards of the Australian Qualification Framework, a nationally recognised standard that aligns with international frameworks.

Know your customers, build your business

The most successful businesses and brands know that every customer is different. And that people also change. Tech-driven data helps organisations to track people’s changing preferences. It’s all to do with the customer lifetime value lens which helps businesses to predict future customer behaviour.

Customer-centric data analysis embraces purpose, empathy and respect, and TAFE NSW has many marketing and communications courses that will teach you how to delve into customer data, and come out with the sort of insights that will make a real difference in your business career.

Spotlight on salaries: Be rewarded

Management Consultants improve businesses by helping them to overcome identified problems and risks. Administrators are responsible for developing and maintaining project plans, and ensuring they successfully reach their completion. The importance of these roles is reflected by the salaries of those who work in them. 

Management Consultant average salary: $78,210
Program or Project Administrator average salary: $73,000

Spotlight on job growth: administrative services

Administrative services is a career area that adds value and touches every sector, both in Australia and around the world. From careers in mining to flying, administrative services is booming, so it is in your best interest that you explore the best opportunities:

Future-proof your career

If you want to get the skills employers are looking for – both now and in the future – then study a Business, Leadership and Management course at TAFE NSW. Whether you’re interested in small or large enterprises, specialist work or general management roles, we offer a range of qualifications to focus your talents and get you to where you want to go.


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