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Start your career in Health Care

If you’re starting or progressing within the Health Care sector, give your career a check-up, by looking towards the future. 

Start your career in Health Care

If you’re after a rewarding, meaningful career and love the idea of helping people when they need it the most, then a career in Health Care might be just what the doctor ordered.

The future of the Health Care industry is poised to boom, with employment opportunities and demand for qualified professionals set to increase. To position yourself for a fulfilling health care career, now is the time to enrol with TAFE NSW and become qualified.

Spotlight on skills shortages: Care Worker (aged care and disability)

Australia has an ageing population, which is increasing demand for Aged Care and related services. 

Aged care workers can be in residential, home or community-based environment using a person-centred approach to support predominantly older people. Workers develop, facilitate and review individualised service plans and delivery using person-centred and strength-based approaches.

Caregiving careers are richly rewarding and require a huge range of skills and attributes. Key skills required for community care roles include.

  • Support independence, mobility and safety so clients can remain at home
  • Providing clients with social support
  • Assisting clients to maintain a quality day to day standard of living
  • Providing personal care while delivering respect and dignity

Example of TAFE NSW courses aligned to Ageing:

Spotlight on industry skills

When health care employers have employment opportunities that are going unfilled, it is often due to the fact that the applicants they receive simply lack the necessary skills to perform the role as required.

TAFE NSW teachers are all industry experts who shape their courses to reflect modern trends and skill sets evolving within the heath care sector. So when you choose to study at TAFE NSW, you can be assured that the skills and knowledge you learn, will help you to start your career the right way.

The following are the skills that employers, from a sample range of career areas, are demanding most from their job applicants.

Essential skills for personal care assistants:

  • Home care, meal preparation, CPR, teamwork and collaboration, and activities of daily living assistance.

Essential skills for fitness instructors:

  • CPR, group fitness, customer service, teamwork and collaboration, and yoga.

Essential skills for dental assistants:

  • Infection control, dentistry, administrative support, teamwork and collaboration, and patient care.

Essential skills for occupational health and safety advisors:

  • Teamwork and collaboration, workers’ compensation, project management, stakeholder management, and rehabilitation.

Spotlight on technology: Telehealth 

Telehealth is used to enhance healthcare through a variety of telecommunications and technologies, such as video conferencing and wearable technologies. Filling an important gap in healthcare treatment, particularly in rural and remote areas where access to specialists and medical facilities is limited, telehealth is becoming a rapidly growing industry area in Australia.

Essentially, telehealth apps help to connect patients with fully qualified and registered GPs, via a video call. And while telehealth apps are still an emerging segment of the health care industry, major technology companies and innovators within the industry are working to transform the nature of Australian health care system.

Over the last 12 months, telehealth-related skills were requested in over 450 online job postings throughout Australia - many of which were medical administration job roles.

Examples of TAFE NSW courses aligned to medical administration:

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